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Web Design & Development

Desktop Design
The Website designing is one of the main factors to success in this internet dominated world. A perfect and professional website can present your company

Responsive Design
We have a very long experience in responsive designing. We know the business value that a website can create, thus we design all of our clients websites responsive such that the content is available in all the mediums whether it is smart phone, tab, laptop or desktop.

Mobile Application Development

Smart phones have changed the game now days people are shifting to smart phones from conventional mobile phones. There are millions of apps are available to download and use. Each and every app claims to make users life easier. Native apps are very important now days it gives the feeling of personization and make the process more simple and intuitive.

Mobile apps have changed the life of the people from health to finance apps are prepared for every sector to cater the need of users. Every day thousand of apps are coming into market to download and use.


How good your website is how well written content you may have but without visitors you can't make any big business in internet. If you think your product and services are good enough for the market and want to reach more and more customers

Being long in Internet market we have learn and acquired the skills of SEO and become one of the best SEO companies in Hyderabad. We put our best effort to learn our client and their pain areas.

E Commerce Solutions

Rational Technologies has designed and development 100s of ecommerce websites. Our vast experience in developing ecommerce websites has made us one of the best choices for ecommerce website Development Company in Hyderabad. We understand the need of each client is different and thus we plan the e commerce application development accordingly.

Software Development

Software not only smooths the businesses processes but it also creates a huge new market, but coupling the right target environment with the right technology can be challenging task for the software development companies.

Developing robust software within a limited time and budget requires a higher level of technical expertise and experienced project management techniques. We at ThirdEye IT Sol believe in building custom applications that enable our clients to better communicate with customers and efficiently manage their businesses.

Enterprise Application Development

CMS (Content Management Systems):
Where it is an open source CRM like Wordpress Drupal or Joomla or a highly customized

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):
Customer Relationship Management software is a wide-ranging solution that empowers an organization

ERP Applications:
We have developed many ERP applications to many small and mid-size enterprises Our designed

API Integration

Nowadays many API are available to do businesses. People can do business by just buying the API from the service provider and can just start the business immediately. API providers open many new areas of business. It's a kind of business where the investors don't need to invest in the core business but just need to pay for the API and got his earnings in the form of percentages.

ThirdEye IT Sol have a very vast experience in integrating various kinds of APIs. Our programmers have immense expertise in integrating various kinds API, for different kind of websites, mobile apps and platforms. ThirdEye IT Sol delivers excellent Online Bus Ticket Booking API integration solutions which start from interface designing to complete integration of the API to the application. Our knowledge and expertise makes us one of the best API integration company in Hyderabad India. We are a 100 percent solution for any kind of API integration.

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